Castor museum seeking additional funding

John Wright, Ray Marquart and Doug Zimmerman joined the County of Paintearth council during the regular meeting on Jan 23 to request additional funding on behalf of the Castor and District Museum.
The museum is set to break ground on a substantial construction project this spring, which has an estimated price tag of $220,000.
Currently the museum has just over $170,000 to dedicate to the project, which includes savings from past years and funds raised through private donations, the Fall Gala, and casinos.
Museum volunteers will also be attending a casino which will add to their current funding.
When the Canadian Pacific Railway freight shed was added to the museum in 1979 it was unfortunately placed on a foundation of railroad ties.
Two years ago, museum volunteers noticed the floor sagging, upon further inspection it was found that the freight shed foundation has since rotted away, and the decay has been spreading through the walls.
Since this discovery the museum volunteers have been working diligently seeking professional opinions regarding the best course of action and decided a complete tear down and rebuild of the Freight Shed would be the most cost-effective route.
“The museum is not just specific to Castor, but the whole region,” explained Wright, who was museum president for 13 years and is now secretary.
“Most of the photographic display is of farms, homesteads and the county around us. Even a majority of the artifacts we have are from the county, not the town. The school house was originally from Beaver.”
“We really are a regional museum,” continued Wright.
The final plans are currently being drafted. Once the non-profit society has the completed plans they will send out invitational tender for construction.
“It really is a worthwhile cause,” stated Reeve Stan Schulmeister, “and we have to commend you for the work you’ve done.”
Council did not make a decision.

Public works
Coun. Diane Elliot motioned for the purchase of two new 2500 Ram 4×4 pickup trucks for Public Works. According to policy the current vehicles are over their 10 years of useful life and should be replaced. Budgeted was $90,000 with the lowest quote received was $5288 below budget. The purchase will be funded from restricted surplus and the sale of equipment.
Coun. George Glazier motioned for the purchase of two new Caterpillar 160 M3 AWD Graders and a D3K2 LGP Dozer.
The budgeted amount for two graders was $1,180,000 with the tender coming in under budget by $110,000. Grader funding comes from Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) grant and the sale of equipment.
Dozer budget was $190,000 was budgeted for the purchase of the dozer with the tender coming in at $7,000. Restricted surplus and sale of the equipment will fund the purchase of the new dozer.
All old equipment will be placed for auction in 2018.

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