Castor Museum needs major work

Castor Museum Society is looking for ways to raise money to replace the one-storey ‘freight shed’ that requires major repairs to the foundation and structure.
Members of the Castor Museum Society noticed this summer that the floor in the ‘freight shed’ had dropped about four inches
According to member, John Wright, the old 2-storey railroad station house was moved onto it’s present location in approximately 1978 – 79 and the single storey freight house soon followed. However, the station house was placed on a cement foundation while the freight shed waa placed on railroad ties.
Those ties have rotted and although not sure if it is unsafe for the public, it is a risk that the society is not willing to take.
The society is looking into costs of  repairing and putting a proper foundation under the shed compared to demolishing it completely and building a different structure.
A rough estimate is $200,000 for the 60 ft. x 23 ft wide replacement structure.
The society is now looking at ways to raise money for this endeavour and can issue donation receipts for tax purposes for any donations made to their emergency fund at Box 864, Castor.

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