Castor Little Theatre presents comedy ‘Jack of Diamonds’

Armed with paper and pen, I went with an open mind, bringing the husband with me and we were so not disappointed! And this was just a rehearsal!

by Beth Elhard

Cast members of the Castor Little Theatre rehearse for their 37th annual upcoming play ‘Jack of Diamonds’ on Tues. Jan. 22 which will take place in late February. Sharmain Mann, right, had attempted to feed Don Sisson some pudding as part of the first scene. He subsequently spits the food out causing the cast and crew to burst out in laughter. ECA Review/Terri Huxley

Jack of Diamonds is a wildly funny production.

With a cast of nine characters they bring a whole new outlook on life at Transitions Retirement Home!

I can hardly wait to move in.

We laughed and laughed at the lines and the characters and that was just the first act!

We decided not to see the second act because we did not want to spoil it for when we go to the complete version.

The premise of the play is residents at a retirement home and others have been scammed out of their savings by con artist Barney Effward.

Barney ends up in their retirement home! And the plot thickens…

The characters are: Jack Newman, played by Shannon Blumhagen. Jack is a former late-night TV pitchman who brings a lot of spice to the show especially when he takes his meds!

Rose, played by Velma Schofield, is the resident, feisty techy! And feisty she is! From iPads to memory sticks she is not technologically challenged.

Blanche, played by Doreen Blumhagen, has narcolepsy and falls asleep throughout the show and when she is awake she is well aware of the charms of Jack!

Flora, played by Jessica Poirier is the gentle, happy, grandmotherly type who makes jewellery, that is if she can remember that she makes jewellery!

She has memory issues.

Nurse Harper, played by Sharmain Mann is unhappy in her job.

Unappreciated and needing a new career, she keeps things hopping and the residents in line.

Barney Effward is played by Don Sissons.

This is the first time I have ever seen Don Sissons without anything to say.

Well, for some of the scenes … the scammer. I will say no more.

Mortimer, played by Steve Madge, is an uptight lawyer with health issues and is in his early forties.

Wilf Gunnarson, also played by Steve Madge is a deaf, 89-year-old. Yes, Steve plays two roles, becoming a very versatile actor. I don’t know how he keeps his roles separate.

The policeman will be played by Donovan Nichols and Cara Spady who will alternate shows. They will play a humourless, by the book policeman.

The play is directed by Rob Nichols and Marilyn Webber with Stacey Knull as the stage manager and Kevin Sabo in charge of lighting and sound.

You won’t want to miss Jack of Diamonds!

It’s a hilarious, laugh out loud comedy coming to Castor Little Theatre on: Teen Night – Feb. 19, General Night – Feb. 26, Dinner Theatre – Friday and Saturday, Feb. 22 and 23 and March 1 and 2, Brunch – Sunday Feb. 17 and 24

For tickets, call Don Sissons at 403-323-0359.

Connecting locally for 37 years

From its first production of Nellie’s Peril in 1983 to the present one of Jack of Diamonds, Castor Little Theatre has been bringing laughter and tears, suspense and mystery and drama to their typically sold out crowds.

It has taken “a cast of thousands” to present 37 years of connecting with their local and many out-of-town fans. Castor Little Theatre started out in the old Community Hall with not a lot to work in the form of lighting and sound production but with strong community support and many people who have participated in acting, directing, stage managing, sound and lighting and of course, the audiences, the funds grew, as did the equipment.

Not only that, but they paid off the debt on the old hall.

With the opening of the new Castor Community Hall in March of 2010, Little Theatre has made significant contributions on the paying down of the Hall loan and to this day continues to do so.

With the new hall came new  equipment, lighting and a sound booth to enhance the plays for the enjoyment of its audiences.

They not only provide wonderful entertainment to Castor and area, they pay and have paid their own way.

Kudos to Castor Little Theatre for years of dedication to our community!

Hope to see you at Jack of Diamonds.

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