Castor council will negotiate over outstanding property tax

The Town of Castor town council approved negotiations and agreements with property owners who owe outstanding tax bills. The decision was made at the April 8 regular meeting of council.

In January 2024 the Town of Castor mailed tax notification letters to owners who had taxes due over one year in arrears. Three properties were noted as having such arrears.

Councillors were provided with a letter from one such property owner whose identity was redacted from the council agenda.

This property owner’s letter stated they were aware they owed outstanding taxes and wanted to pay them off over time and included a schedule for payments.

According to Section 418(4) of the Municipal Government Act (MGA) division 8 recovery of taxes related to land, “The municipality may enter into an agreement with the owner of a parcel of land shown on its tax arrears list providing for the payment of the tax arrears over a period not exceeding three years, and in that event the parcel need not be offered for sale under subsection (1) until: (a.) the agreement has expired, or (b.) the owner of the parcel breaches the agreement, whichever comes first.”

Council discussed implications to the 2024 budget upon entering into an agreement with the title holders on the three parcels.

It was noted that in the event the properties proceed to a tax sale, the additional fees would be added to the tax roll for collection.

A breach to the agreement could result in a tax sale of the properties and as CAO Donna Rowland noted it would be clearly written in the agreement and each agreement would be written separately.

Council moved to enter into a tax agreement with the title holders.

Cheryl Bowman
Multimedia reporter
ECA Review

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