Castor Council requests installation of speed bumps

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A request to reinstall speed bumps on 45th Street in Castor was addressed by Council at its June 10 meeting.
The request came from a concerned citizen, although CAO Sandi Jackson said several other taxpayers have verbally expressed their concerns regarding drivers speeding along 45th Street.
The speed bumps are typically installed in the summer months and removed in the winter for plowing purposes.
“We are avoiding putting them back in because the speed bumps are very hard on trucks,” said Jackson.
“People were driving around the speed bumps, close to the ditch, to avoid damaging their vehicles,” added Jackson.
Jackson said Council is looking into putting up signs along 45th Street that would warn drivers to slow down.
The speed limit along 45th Street is 40 kilometres but it has been reported that some drivers are going up to 60 kilometres or more when they are traveling down that street.

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