Castor Council moves fence height extension

Council approved in a 3 – 2 vote to allow Ray Holloway to build a five-foot four-inch tall wrought iron fence in the front of his property.
Current Castor bylaw states that the fence in front of the home cannot be higher than four feet, although if aesthetically pleasing a permit may be granted.
The fence must be installed by Oct. 31, 2018.
Holloway had previously attended council with a plan to enclose his property with a wrought iron and stone fence to deter deer from his corner lot.

RCMP update
Constable Jordan Tourney joined Castor town council at the regular meeting on Nov. 27 to give an update on the Coronation detachment.
The risk assessment for the detachment was in October, there are no present issues with how the detachment is operating. The only problem found was with the detachment space itself, this hopefully will be solved in the future.
The theft and break and enter statistics from January to October, are reported as low, compared to last year, stated Tourney. The surrounding communities have higher property crime and vehicle thefts, than experienced in the Coronation detachment’s patrolled area.
Traffic violations such as impaired and dangerous driving have increased, this could be because more individuals are reporting such behaviours.
A 36-year-old male from Edmonton has been charged with the April break and enters involving Castor Food Fair, Co-op and Race Trac Gas in Coronation. This is not the first offence for this individual, as he was out on parole at the time.
Tourney referred to this man as a “career criminal”.
Four individuals have been charged in relation to the ATM theft from the Vision Credit Union. Three have been changed on the account of the stolen vehicle, and one male from Red Deer has been with the machine theft.

Visible street addresses
Council may consider creating a bylaw regarding residences having a visible street address on the home.
Tourney explained that on two separate occasions members of the detachment had difficulties finding homes during emergency calls.
Residents are asked to be sure that their homes are correctly and clearly labeled with their street address as this has been an on-going issue experienced by both RCMP and fire crews.
For emergency services to respond to calls in a timely manner, it is necessary for homes to proper identification. This is not only an issue in Castor, but also in Halkirk and Coronation.

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