Castor council discusses chicken issue

Castor town council

Clarence Harder and Raelene Schulmeister are proud chicken owners and voiced their concern to council, at the regular meeting on Mon., July 11 about why they should be allowed to keep chickens on their property within town limits.

Harder expressed his displeasure for the amount of dogs and cats who find their way into his yard and leave reminders of their visits for him to clean up.

Harder argued that the four chickens, which he received from his great-grandchild as a Father’s Day gift, are barely noticed by neighbours, he claims and will not wander into other yards as the offending canines and felines do on occasion.

Schulmeister, who admitted to more than four chickens in her care, said that she is a responsible chicken owner and regularly cleans her coop.

She also went on to say that the people who are voicing opposition to their chickens are perhaps only familiar with larger chicken operations and the smell they produce.

Both Harder and Schulmeister agreed to abide by any bylaws the town created to regulate livestock within the town limits but hoped that council wouldn’t base their decision making on, what Shulmeister called ‘“coffee shop” polls and random casual conversations with friends.  Instead she wants council to send an official survey out to the town for more comprehensive and honest feedback from all residents.

The main concern from council members seemed to be over where to “draw the line”.

The issue was not as much the two Castor residents and their small chicken collections but rather, what happens if they open the door for others.

Councillors shared comments such as, “How do we tell the next person who wants to have turkeys in their backyard, no, if we allow chickens right now?”

Council members also voiced concern that they would not want a chicken coop in a yard next door to them so how could they in all fairness pass a bylaw that would allow that for the ratepayers they were elected to represent.

In the end, it was decided to comply with Harder and Schulmeister’s request to survey the town for feedback.

A bylaw decision will be made once the survey results have been gathered.

CCC teams bringing communities together

Troy Slemp, Mark Zimmer and Aaron Compton spoke before council regarding the need for a new registrar prior to the upcoming hockey season.

With Loreena MacGillivray, the previous registrar, no longer in the role of Recreation Director for the Town of Castor, the three CCC representatives sought direction from council regarding how to proceed with finding a replacement for a new registrar to ensure the transition did not negatively impact the players and/or teams.

It was decided that additional discussion was needed between the former registrar as well as the current directors for the towns of Castor, Coronation and Consort with the goal of having a current recreation director assume that role.

In the midst of the discussion, Zimmer commented on how the CCC teams have brought the communities together.

He went on to say that five years ago he would never have thought it possible to see the towns coming together.  Today there is not only friendly banter amongst the communities but kids are going to each other’s birthday parties, thanks to the right people who have merged together to bring about the best board he has ever worked with.

Ambulance bay appliances

Council passed a motion to install a washer and dryer in the ambulance bay for just under $1,000.

Rodeo parade to be run by the town

Heide Downey, a representative for the Castor Rodeo Committee, submitted a letter to council asking the town take over the organization of the annual rodeo parade.

Downey explained that due to event logistics, the rodeo committee members felt pressed to be in two places at once, the rodeo grounds and the parade site. In light of the fact that the town has assisted with small details for the parade in the past it would be beneficial to committee if the town were to take it over completely.

Council agreed to take over the responsibilities of the rodeo parade for 2017.

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