Castor Cadets explore options

The Castor Air Cadets have been forced to stand down in light of a lack of interest shown in staffing the squadron but will be exploring options in the new year to relocate to Coronation.
Following a meeting on September 23 – to determine the future of Air Cadets  branch 572 – the squadron has been forced to regroup and consider broader options said Kevin Robinson, Chairman of the Alberta Provincial Air Cadet Committee, in separate interviews on  November 29 and December 6
“The squadron hasn’t been closed, the squadron has stood down,” said Robinson. “The reason the squadron has stood down is because there’s no staff and without staff the squadron doesn’t run.”
He says the stand down is a way to give the Squadron Sponsoring Committee time to recruit the necessary staff for the East-Central region to begin training again in 2014. At present Robinson says Coronation is being viewed as a possible option to relocate the squad.
“We’re going to be looking at having a community meeting in Coronation in early January to discuss what interest in that town is,” he says. “A majority of the cadets [in the Castor squadron] are from Coronation, so we thought we’d go there first and see.”
Robinson says that staffing issues aren’t abnormal in some remote squadrons, and says he’s seen many groups relocate or shut down due to this very issue.
“The issue that was slowly unfolding in Castor for the last 15 to 20 years is the fact that we never seem to get any interest in Castor for those positions,” says Robinson, noting that this was the paramount issue faced at the meeting held for the Cadets on September 23.  He says after the meeting the squadron was given two months to recruit the necessary individuals before it was forced to stand down, but recruitment was unsuccessful at the end of that duration.
“We’re hopeful that in the new year we can get people to come out to a meeting and gage the interest in [Coronation] for officers,” he says. “If we don’t find officers at that point, I can pretty much say for sure the squad will have to be shut down.”
Robinson says he anticipates a meeting in Coronation will be within the first two weeks of January and hopes that potential Officers and Cadets alike will attend.
“We’ll just have to cross our fingers and go from there,” he said.

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