Castor advertising bylaw passes third reading

Castor Council passed the third and final reading of the Advertising Bylaw, during the regular council meeting on July 9. A public hearing, regarding the bylaw, was held prior to the meeting, although there were no written submissions or citizens present to share their beliefs.

The Advertising Bylaw allows administration to advertise on the official Town of Castor website as well as social media sites. This is the first advertising bylaw for the town.

Utility Bylaw

Administration brought forward the Utility Bylaw to council to be reviewed, and it will be brought back at a future meeting.

“[We will] Go over it for the next couple months, its not a big rush,” said Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sandi Jackson. “But every four years we have to revisit this. So 2019, is time to revisit it. But if we get started now, think about it for the next few months, we might come up with something that we have missed in the Utility Bylaw.”

Section 3H, Water System Willful Act Prohibitions, was highlighted. This section includes: “No person shall install branch supply lines, outlets, or fixtures on the upstream side of a water meter or shut-off valve.” The fine for doing so is $2,000.

New Firehall Addition

Council moved to accept bids for the addition of the new firehall before a decision is made whether to proceed with the project this year. Once bids have been received, the project price will be brought back to council, and a decision will be made.


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