Castle building for Food Bank

For Lent, Theresetta school teams stockpiled food bank items and were challenged on April 24 to create castles with their food bank donations. From the left, Anthony Heidecker, Murry Bicknell, Nicolas Bennett, Summer Schulmeister, Curtis Penner, Kaleb Bozek, Nola
Fuller and Jillian Heidecker. ECA Review/Submitted

Every year Theresetta School focuses on acts of service during the season of Lent.

On April 17, the students and staff ended their Lent season with another whole school event, castle building.

The students spent a couple of weeks beforehand bringing in food bank items and stockpiling them in their team’s designated location.

On Wed. April 24, the teams all brought their entire collection of food to the gym to build the most creative castles that they could design.

All the teams put in a great showing and many creative visions were brought to life.

The activity made for many laughs but, more importantly, the students were able to donate a multitude of items to the Castor Food Bank.

Theresetta Student Council designated April 25 as 80’s Day, their May Spirit Day choice. The students and staff had fun dressing up in their best 80’s themed gear.

by K. Smawley

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