Castigated for what I did not say

Dear Editor:
Reading the letter to the editor, titled “Assault rifles not wanted by majority”, pg. 6, July 14, I found that I was castigated for what I did not say.

To my knowledge there is no CRA/NRA, however there are other Firearms Associations in Canada.

The NRA does work to protect the Second Amendment from those who are ill-informed or the honest people who want it removed because they don’t believe in the Constitution.

The Founding Fathers of America were not ambiguous in their language. In addition to a well regulated militia they stated many times the right of individual citizens to own arms and use them in their defence.

The Fathers realized that there could be a time the citizens could need defence from their own government. If you don’t like it, I suggest you do not read their words.

The AR-15 style of rifle can be dangerous but only in the hands of an untrained, evil or deranged person. We have just seen how dangerous a truck can be in evil hands.

It was stated that the majority of Canadians do not want AR-15s in our society. I would submit that the majority know little or nothing about the rifle other than what they see on TV. I am sure that with some research we could find that there are many things the majority do not want in our society, fortunately as of now that is not how Canada works.

The July 14 article, titled “Lord of the Right”, pg. 6, was on a coup being carried out by Jason Kenny.

I have never lead a coup but I think that announcing your intentions at a news conference and putting yourself and your plans and ambitions to scrutiny and a vote is an honourable way to conduct yourself.

I assume we’re still waiting for the Harper secret agenda.

I have been here long enough to have watched the PCs become more progressive (meaning deficits) than conservative. Ralph cleaned up the mess but then the progressives took back control, Stelmach, Redford and the even shorter reigned Prentice.

These progressives are the reason we have the NDP with even bigger deficits. Albertans were sick of them.

If the progressives are not displaced from the Conservatives who should join the Wild Rose Party, Alberta will continue it’s decline.
Gord Snell
Three Hills, Ab.

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