Career woman, cook and now builder of yard toys

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After numerous careers over her span of 61 years, Annie Mae Cummer chose to go to work at the local restaurant and gas station, the Whistle Stop in Mirror, Ab. for Stacei and Don Luka.
But the story doesn’t stop there for this career woman.
She made a decision just before the fifth anniversary of the Whistle Stop that a wooden train was needed for kids to play on. After all, it is the Whistle Stop and Mirror is a train town.
So without any paper plans and just working off pictures taken by her phone she set to building a train engine.
She convinced me to help her but she was the design person and did most of the cuts required to put it together.
She plans on putting a coal car, water car and caboose on within the next year.
Annie Mae was originally hired as a part-time waitress but through the months took on some cooking shifts. She was never a trained chef.
About eight months after she started work, the existing kitchen manager quit so she stepped up to the plate and took charge of the kitchen.
Annie Mae is now known for her homemade soups and homemade gravy.
Her varied work background includes office assistant, waitress, bartender, banquet server, legal assistant, feedlot equipment operator, Class One truck driver, owner/operator of Clive Arena concession and now head cook at the Whistle Stop.
So even though she is a cook in her 60’s, she did an awesome job on the train engine.

by Dennis Cummer

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