Cardboard boat races

Four Coronation students, from the left, Carla Burge, Jace Nelson and Bradley Goodbrand and Brook-lyn Sherbo (not in the photo) work to build their cardboard boat in one and a half hours at the annual Northern Alberta Cardboard Boat Races at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) on Nov. 20, 2018. ECA Review/Submitted

Four Coronation school students from Coronation School set sail for the 2018-19 Northern Alberta Skills Cardboard races at NAIT on Nov. 20.

Bradley Goodbrand, Carla Burge, Brook-lyn Sherbo and Jace Nelson did not win but learned many skills and had a great time.

The event is held once each year and challenges junior and senior high school students to complete a boat design in one and a half hours with only tape and cardboard.

Over 200 students participated including Daysland, Forestburg and Coronation from East Central Alberta.

The boats are then tested at a pool for seaworthiness and speed.

The activity allows students to utilize their problem solving and collaboration skills with a real problem.

There are two events. The speed challenge where individuals from each team races against each other to get to the other side of the campus pool.

If the boat sinks, the team is eliminated. If the boat finishes the race then they proceed to the weight challenge.

In this event, three members from the team sit in the boat until it sinks.

Skills Canada Alberta (SCA) a not-for-profit organization that partner with the governments of Alberta and Canada, industry, labour and education groups to inspire, develop and elevate skilled youth.

Team Coronation at the Skills Canada Alberta cardboard boat races in Edmonton at NAIT including, from the left, cheerleader Phillip Akindipe, Bradley Goodbrand, Jace Nelson, Teacher Brad Hanna, Carla Burge and Brook-lyn Sherbo. Although the team did not win, they used their problem solving and collaboration skills to achieve their goal. ECA Review/Submitted


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