Carbon tax robbery

From where I sit it looks like our governments have lost all sense of reality. They seem to be bound and determined to destroy the economy of this country with the idea that they can change world climate by imposing hefty carbon taxes on this countries citizens.
They seem to be fixated with the idea that they can reduce the risk of “CATASTROPHIC GLOBAL WARMING” by setting targets on lowering carbon emissions.
They risk of destroying our economy by imposing  this foolish tax on us  but that does not seem to have occurred to them.
Canada produces 1.67 per cent of world green house emissions as opposed to China with 22 per cent. No one in government or the media has ever tried to explain how Canada could make a difference to climate change even if we didn’t produce any C02 starting tomorrow.
Their concern seems to be that we have an obligation to do our part or set an example for the rest of the world.
The whole process is just so stupid. I think those idiots actually believe that they can convince us that Canada can make a  difference in the world on climate change. Anyone who doesn’t buy into this nonsense is accused of being a climate change denier.
I came across a column in the Edmonton Sun some time ago written by Mark Bonokoski that has some really interesting statistics that I wasn’t aware of. I may not have room to put all his info in this column but you will get the idea.
According to his sources Canada has 990-million acres of forests, 370-million acres of wetlands and 167-million acres of crop yielding farmland.
These are known as “carbon sinks”.
Biologists tell us that trees absorb about 2.6 tonnes of carbon per acre. So if you do the math 990-million acres x 2.6 tonnes per acre = 2.574 – billion tonnes of carbon being absorbed every year.
Now if you do more math: 36-trillion tonnes [the amount of world emissions] x 0.0167 {1.67%} = 601.2-million tonnes.
This is the amount of carbon that Canada contributes to world emissions. In the forests alone, Canada absorbs almost four times the amount of carbon that it emits.   This means that the other three quarters of our forests are being sustained by carbon being emitted by the rest of the world.
This calculation does not take into account the wetlands or farmland that also absorb carbon. Canada really couldn’t get any greener, so why are our politicians hell bent on punishing us with these ridicules carbon taxes? If the media were honest this information would be made public.
Our NDP provincial government announced some time ago a plan that would impose a $30.00 per ton carbon tax on us by 2018. That plan is so complicated that it will take thousands of bureaucrats to implement it. That should take care of much of the tax.
Then on a day when the provincial and federal environment ministers were meeting to work on a climate change plan our brilliant Prime Minister announced that all of Canada would subjected to a $50 per ton carbon tax by 2022.
Any province that did not have a carbon tax at that level by then would have it imposed on them.  I guess that is his idea of consultation. Not surprisingly three environment ministers walked out of the meeting.
You know this carbon tax issue by our governments is nothing but a blatant tax grab. They seem to think it is justified because of our commitment to the Paris climate change agreement.
Considering the fact that Canada is given no credit for absorbing much more carbon than it emits I think there is a good case for some lawyer to charge our governments with a “class action lawsuit”.
That just might wake the people of this country up to the fraud that is being perpetrated on us!

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