CARA bonspiel hosts schools from far and wide


Coronation played host to the CARA bonspiel on Thursday, February 20 at the Coronation curling rink.

Despite a competitive poo

l of teams, the winners of the bonspiel were the Bignell team from Erskine. They defeated the Tanner Eno rink (Keir Heidecker, Morgan Leuck and Becka Schmidt) of Coronation in a close final with a score of 5 – 4. The Eno rink received the silver medal.

In third place was the Koryn Duncan team (Erin Brown, Josh Kubinchak and Teren Gerber)of Coronation. They defeated the Quinten Golby Brownfield rink  of Lucas Richardson, Rayel Copan and Aimee Caseley.

The game was tied and required a draw to the button to determine the winner. Koryn Duncan was closer to the button by one inch for a spectacular win.




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