Car legacy hides in shelves and in boxes

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Three Hills’ Theodore Tupper (right), with help from members of a Calgary car club, moved a 1928 Model A from its storage shed on Sat. May 12. The vehicle will be restored and sold in Calgary. ECA Review/D.Nadeau


When Dad passes on and leaves a garage stuffed with Model A parts and two partially restored Model A coupes, it is time to call for help.
And that’s what Three Hills’ Theodore Tupper did three months ago, after his father, 88-year-old John, died, leaving a bewildering array of car parts in the oversized garage, in a shed, in the yard, on the shop floor, and tucked away in boxes, tubs, containers, and shelves.
Theodore, an auto mechanic by trade and an avid Model A restorer, said, “We found parts in Dad’s collection I did not know he had.”
The help he called to his Three Hills property, Sat. May 12, was the Stampede City Ford Model A Club. Four of its members, a dedicated group of fellow enthusiast, are as interested in Model A restoration as they are in helping those with a Theodore Tupper estate situation.
The 90-member Calgary area car club agreed to advertise the thousands of parts in its monthly newsletter, in exchange for Theodore donating a partially restored Model A coupe and enough parts for club members to restore it.
Once restored, a project that could take years, the vehicle will go to a club member by silent auction.
The other partially restored Model A coupe will be sold in Three Hills.

by David Nadeau

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