Capital projects to be completed

Bashaw Council

Bashaw passed its $3.9 million capital budget and will tap into unused grants available from 2014 and 2015 to complete projects.

The town will access $93,426 from the Basic Municipal Transportation Grant, $101,122 from the Federal Gas Tax Fund, and $525,364 from Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) funding to complete several capital projects.

The town earmarked all of its MSI funds towards future 54 Ave. Infrastructure replacement, which includes pavement and water/sewer lines.  The total project is expected to cost $3.1 million and the town would have to debenture the $2.6 million shortfall if they went forward with the project this year. The town’s debt limit is $2.4 million and borrowing now would put them over their debt limit by about $231,587. Council agreed to delay this project until after the school construction is done to avoid any damage to improvements. Council approving the project now, however, gives administration the ability to apply for available government grants. Once the town gets the funding they are required to use the funds within two years, unless other arrangements are made.

Capital projects proceeding for 2016 will cost about $606,350 with a funding shortfall of $80,986.
About $494,000 is budgeted for wastewater collection and treatment upgrades including lagoon cleaning, breathing air system, lagoon manhole rehabilitation and lagoon berm rehabilitation.

About $45,000 will be spent on the water distribution system including upgrades to the transfer switch for the water plant with it being upgraded to an automatic system to handle all pumps and controls. The main line water valve will be repaired at 50 St. and 50 Ave.

The fire department will get $35,000 for specialized firefighting equipment. Parks, recreation and sports facilities will get $32,0000, including an estimated $26,000 for a coin billing mechanism for freshwater.  Another $6,000 will be spent on tree shearing.

Another $235,000 will be spent on upgrading an alley to handle truck traffic on an industrial lot access road.

In other business, Camrose County, in a letter to the Town of Bashaw, turned down the town’s request to supply a quote to construct a laneway near Bashaw’s new Seed Cleaning Plant citing they don’t have the expertise and staff to complete the project as reasons.

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