Capital projects awarded

Water, sewer and paving projects received the go-ahead at the Town of Stettler’s Apr. 3rd council meeting.
Accepting administration recommendations, council awarded two out of three capital projects for the 2018 construction season.

Sewer replacement tender
Beginning with the 51 Avenue water and sewer project, Director of Operational Services, Melissa Robbins presented council with detailed summaries of this year’s proposed capital projects.
According to Robbins, the project to replace the water and sanitary sewer mains and services at 51 Avenue from 59 to 61 Street generated significant interest.

Tenders were received from Wally’s Backhoe Services at $672,745, Shamrock Valley Ent. at $707,236, Carbon Earthworks at $726,263, Urban Dirtworks at $727,645, Grayson Excavating at $791,404, AIC Construction at $848,761, UG Excavating at $916,570, Pearl Rose Construction at $930,296, Kaon Infrastructure at $966,325, Northside Construction at $1,076,295, Bel Contracting at $1,079,005 and Nu Edge Construction at $1,310,466.
Advising council to award the contract to Wally’s Backhoe Services, the lowest bidder, Robbins suggested adding the usual 10 percent contingency to cover any unanticipated costs or changes.
Robbins further recommended utilizing full-time engineering inspection due to the complexity of the project.
Council agreed, voting to award the tender to Wally’s Backhoe Services in the amount of $672,745, with a contingency of $67,274 for a construction cost of $740,020.
In addition, Tagish Engineering will provide engineering services with a budget up to $79,000.
The total project expenditure of $819,019 comes within the $820,000 council approved in their 2018 Capital Budget with funds allocated from their 2018 MSI, Federal Gas Tax and Basic Municipal Transportation Grant.

Pavement program
Moving on, council approved a tender for Stettler’s 2018 paving program.
In the 2018 Capital Budget, $930,000 was allocated for paving including $765,000 for the 51 Avenue Road Improvements (57-59 Streets), $75,000 for pathway paving and $90,000 for pavement patching.
Receiving six tenders, all significantly under budget, council awarded the contract to Border Paving at $482,891. Other bids included Con Site Construction at $488,273, TJ Paving at $549,608, Central City at $586,608 and Master Paving at $599,835 with an incomplete bid from Landmark Paving.
Adding an engineering budget of $105,000 to Tagish Engineering and $50,000 in pathway patches not included in the original tender, council approved expenditures up to $685,562 to complete the 2018 paving projects.

Water main looping
A water main looping project on the west end of Stettler will not proceed.
The plan to install a new water main from the West Stettler Highway Commercial Subdivision across Highway 12 and looping back to 70 Street received initial approval in the 2018 Capital Budget.
With eight companies submitting bids, the lowest tender from Urban Dirtworks came in at $371,811, significantly higher than the $200,000 allocated for the project.
Stating that the tender prices would not warrant proceeding, Robbins suggested that council wait until a development on the north side of Highway 12 requires water and could contribute to the cost of the installation.

Linda Stillinger
ECA Review

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