CAO puts in two-week notice

Written by Terri Huxley

After a closed session discussion amongst staff and council on Tues. June 22, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Tracy Breese put in her two-week notice.

Her last day was Fri. July 2.

The ECA Review further contacted both Mayor David Sisley and Mrs. Breese for comment post-meeting, both opting out of responding.

Budget, tax rate bylaws

First reading of this year’s budget was passed on May 15 during a special meeting of council.

Second and final reading was scheduled for the June 22 meeting which was then passed.

The tax rate bylaw was also approved.

The rates are set the same as 2020 levels with no increase.

Council was able to keep these rates the same as some extra funding from the Federal Gas Tax Fund of approximately $50,000 was put towards the water main breaks that happened on Main Street a couple of months ago.

About $25,000 was used to cover these unexpected costs with the rest going towards reserves for future emergencies.

The residential rate sits at 11.1922 mills.

Non-residential, linear and the Designated and Industrial Property (DIP) levy sit at 23.1063 mills.

At the provincial level, the residential rate is at 2.56 while non-residential is at 3.76.

Drumheller and District Seniors Foundation rests at $10,559 in total collection.

The DIP levy alone rests at 0.0766 mills.

CAO Report

Council reviewed the CAO’s report together, highlighting certain topics for further elaboration.

Councillors were concerned about the garbage situation as the garbage truck used on a weekly basis was inoperable due to the hydraulics being broken.

In the meantime, the option to open up a space with regular hours was needed for residents to drop off their waste as piles are starting to accumulate.

The public works foreman has also been away leaving much of the work to the summer student.

Council passed a motion directing the CAO to call Glovers out of Drumheller to get the truck inspected and fixed as soon as possible.

On June 2, Breese met with Starland County CAO Shirley Bremer and Municipal Services Director Glen Riep to discuss fire department funding and requests from the Delia department as their facility requires some important infrastructure repairs.

The decision to get all stakeholders involved in one large meeting was agreed upon to ‘get everyone on the same page’.

“It was a very informative meeting,” said Breese in her report.

One person is still interested in possibly purchasing the Delia Hotel.

A showing was done on May 19 but no further updates have been given.


Terri Huxley

ECA Review

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