CAO denied $179,000 retirement payout request

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Annette Plachner’s request for a retirement payout of one month’s wages for every year worked, totalling approximately $178,833.34 was defeated in a 2 – 1 vote at the regular Morrin council meeting on Jan. 16, 2019.

CAO Plachner confirmed she has been employed with the Village for 36 years, 37 once April approaches.

Coun. Graham had again referred to his report from the December meeting regarding his research on payouts for severance packages, noting that “we need to find out what Plachner wants and what the Village can afford.”

Mayor Howard Helton mentioned that they were dealing with a retirement package, not a severance package noting that severance and retirement packages do not follow the same parameters.

In Helton’s comments, he noted the 2005 schedule of RRSP payments to Plachner in lieu of a pension or benefits package would be approximately $81,400 ending 2018 year end.

Prior to the motion, Mayor Helton asked CAO Plachner, “Are you wanting that, one month of base pay for the 37 years?”

“Yes,” responded Plachner.

“Can the village afford that?” questioned Coun. M’Liss Edwards adding “I’m not comfortable with that.”

CAO Plachner responded, “Yes, that’s been put away for years.

Coun. Bob Graham voted in favour of the payout.

Council moved on to other business following the defeat of the motion with no further comments.

Items to be addressed

A great deal of the items in a motion made by Mayor Helton for ‘business items for the CAO’s attention’ included some items that have been put off as long as July of last year.

The motion which passed unanimously requires the CAO to provide the information to the Feb. 20, 2019 meeting.

Included in the items were minutes from September 19, 2018, that contained a personal comment from CAO Plachner that she “would not answer to harassment. As the Municipal Affairs Act (MGA) states, minutes are to be recorded ‘without comment’ and harassment was not legally established.”

Other points were to provide a copy of the minutes where the RRSP Schedule for the CAO was approved; have Collicutt Energy meet with council regarding the replacement of the current fire pump engine with an electric motor, and following the MGA with regards to posting notices on the door of regular council meetings.

It included ensuring all presenters to council provide a prepared letter relating to their presentation along with all other documentation to councillors two days prior to any council meetings by email.

The CAO is to arrange an appearance of council at the Starland County meeting to discuss the feasibility of the village negotiating space for a public works yard on Starland property adjacent to the village.


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