Can’t they play nice?

Government elections are part of what makes me grateful to live in this country, the democratic process where the people decide who will govern the country; it’s the campaigns that really annoy me.

I really don’t know what Harper was thinking when he decided to make this one such a long one. Didn’t he realize how sick and tired the people would get of all the campaigning and advertising?  I have one friend who watches TV with one finger on the mute button so she doesn’t have to listen to constant smearing of the candidates, and another one has been busy unfriending his Facebook friends who share too much political propaganda.

This year I decided that I would get serious about this voting business and have been listening to the news coverage of the different candidates in the hopes of being able to make an informed opinion on who to vote for.

This had been working fairly well until the candidate that I had moved up to first place opened his mouth and firmly stated that he was totally against something that I am totally for; to make matters even worse the candidate that I had put in the very last place (think no way) is the one who agrees with me on this.

The issue is a very important one to me so now I don’t know what to do. I realize that I won’t be able to agree with any one candidate on all things, so now I guess I just have to decide which one I disagree with the least.

I certainly cannot make any decision based on the advertising because the only thing those ads say are how bad the other guy is.

Each party will spend a lot of money trying to convince all the people that the other guy does all these things that are bad for the country and that they are the only ones who will do what is good for the people and the country, then they have those ads repeated so many times that it is almost like water boarding torture.

I wish they would spend some of that money being honest with us about what they would do and why they would be the one to vote for.

All that trash talk and mudslinging reminds me of the mean bullies of my youth, and I am not sure I would want any of them leading my country.

People tell me to relax, that it is just the game of politics. Really? Well then, it is a game that makes the ‘Nana’ in me want to stand up and shout “Children! Play nicely now!”

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