Can’t ‘just’ sing in Heaven

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Dear Editor,

Thank you Herman Schwenk for what must have been a most difficult task of keeping your readers informed by sharing your sad news. I am truly sorry.

In the ‘Dirty Thirties’, in a small town in Iowa, U.S., my mother spent some time as a newspaper editor. Then, 73 years ago, when I was but a toddler, my family relocated to a remote farm in southern Saskatchewan.

My mother’s connection to the world, and indeed, her salvation, was the ‘Regina Leader Post’.

Not only was she able to “get the news”, she also occasionally, intelligently but cryptically, commented on the “news” via “Letters to the Editor”.

I and my siblings were taught from an early age the importance of, and responsibility for being informed but also of being analytical and critical when needed, and being upfront in expressing our views.

My mother would have devoured your comments Herman, and loved them.

I have shared many of your columns with family and friends and have told them this is the best little newspaper in Alberta!

Herman, I personally believe God will honour you with the opportunity to continue to use your wonderful gifts of analysis and instruction. After all, “we can’t ‘just’ sing in Heaven”!

Thank you.


Karen Ainsworth

Tees, Alta.

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