Cannabis outlets and seniors’ care

The issue of marijuana retail outlets came up for discussion before council at Delburne’s Mar. 13 meeting.
As Canada’s legalization of cannabis for recreational use approaches, there are still numerous issues that need to be addressed including revenue sharing, what supports are available for municipalities in implementing legalization, and if there will be a possibility for municipalities to opt out of having a retail outlet in their community.
Delburne understands that each individual municipality will have to address land use and business licensing bylaws, not to mention enforcement issues, prior to the legislation becoming law later this year.
Municipalities will have the ability to adjust certain aspects to best suit their own communities.
Mayor Bill Chandler said, “We have the ultimate decision to make rules above the province’s and we haven’t done that yet.”
Delburne will need to have their legislation in place before any development permit or business license could be approved.
The biggest question; will there be support in the community?
According to Coun. Jeff Bourne, the opening of a local retail outlet could result in very polarizing conversations within the community, adding “It’s not a topic that most people can stay rational about.”
Mayor Chandler said, “We need to have a town hall meeting with this discussion before proceeding.”
The village decided to hold an open public forum.

Senior care advocate
United Conservative Party MLA nominee, Gayle Langford stopped by to discuss her candidacy and present her views on rural communities and senior’s care in Alberta.
She fervently advocates for a redesign of the health care delivery system based on “proven and innovative models” with an emphasis on offering Albertans “more choice and options.”

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