Cannabis land use bylaw passed

Hanna council passed third reading of the Cannabis Land Use Amendment Bylaw, during the July 10 meeting. No citizens were present to share their opinions during the public hearing. Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Kim Neill shared that letters have been received regarding consumption.

“It has been a very quiet process,” said CAO Neill, “We did assume that it would probably be pretty quiet on the retail side. “We are expecting, potentially, the consumption side to be more controversial, and it won’t be necessarily required to have a public hearing for cannabis, but certainly we will want to continue to engage the community and provide them with opportunity to speak up.

“I think for the most part, in most communities, it has been fairly quiet. “I think our lack of people here, on way or another, is not a surprise,” concluded CAO Neill.

Devin Diano, planner for Palliser Regional Municipal Services, gave a presentation during the public hearing. Diano shared Palliser’s recommendation of approving the bylaw. A copy of the amended bylaw is available on the town’s website.

Community Hall

The Director of Community Services, Gwen Snell, included usage statistics of the community centre from 2013 to 2017. The Hanna Community Centre has been used between 219 and 227 days of the year hosting between 233 and 260 events annually, in the past five years.

“It was revealing to us, even as a committee,” said Snell. “This information then went to our meeting with Special Areas, and to MLA Rick Strankman and MP Kevin Sorensen, to talk about the fact of strengthening our position in applying for the Federal Infrastructure Grant.”

Visitor Information Centre Upgrades

Council moved to spend $6,000 on adding a window to increase visibility to the parking lot and access road, as well a security camera system. As a requirement for annual provincial accreditation, staff must record visitor statistics and what services the visitors use.

Due to the restricted visibility of the parking lot, these new upgrades will ensure that tracking visitors, who do not come in to the building, will not be missed. The 2018 Capital budget includes $8,000 to complete the renovation to the Visitor Information Centre.

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