Cannabis bylaws pass first reading

Stettler Town Council gave first reading to amendments to the Land Use and Smoking Bylaws at their Apr. 3rd meeting.
The impending legalization of cannabis in Canada triggered a review of the bylaws to determine amendments required for the permitting of cannabis retail sales, production, and consumption in the Town of Stettler.
Initial council discussions took place with the Committee of the Whole on Mar. 13 with council directing administration to prepare appropriate amendments.
According to Leann Graham, director of planning and development, an evaluation of the province’s Order in Council amending the Gaming and Liquor Act to the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act, revealed that changes were needed to both bylaws in order to bring Stettler’s legislation in line with provincial and federal standards.
The proposed changes are designed to ensure that the Town of Stettler and cannabis retail sales or production facilities comply with legislated regulations.
Following provincial standards, Stettler’s new bylaw besides complying to provisions of the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act, a premises described in a cannabis license may not have any part of an exterior wall that is located within 100 meters of a provincial health care facility or a boundary of the parcel of land on which the facility is located, a building containing a school or a boundary of a parcel of land on which the building is located, or a parcel of land that is designated as school or municipal reserve or municipal reserve.
Development permits will not be required for the cultivation of cannabis plants for personal use not exceeding four plants that must be contained indoors.
Stettler’s Development Authority will consider the proximity and relevance of impact to facilities frequented by children and youth, including but not limited to: daycare facilities, Parent Link centres, parks, recreation facilities and youth centres as part of the decision making process for applications for cannabis retail sales or production facility permits.

Smoking Bylaw – Cannabis Amendments
Proposed changes to Smoking Bylaw 1898-04 include provisions for cannabis consumption.
The Town of Stettler bylaw will strictly prohibit the smoking of cannabis on any hospital, school, or child/youth facility or any buildings or land designated as a public place.
In addition, no person may smoke cannabis within the following prescribed distances: 6m of an entrance or exit to a public building, a town building or from the boundary of a designated public place – land, or from an entrance or exit to a workplace.
No person may smoke cannabis in public transportation vehicles and public transportation vehicle shelters.
The town will kick off public information sharing at their booth at the upcoming Stettler Trade Show with complete information of all the proposed changes and maps highlighting designated areas made available to the public.
A public hearing is scheduled for May 1 before third reading is passed.

Linda Stillinger
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