Canadians have a right to know

Illegal refugees seems to be another one of these issues where Canada is expected to save the world.
For the last three years Europe has been overrun by refugees from Africa and the Middle East especially Syria.
Since the Liberals under Justin Trudeau were elected as the government, Canada has been bringing refugees into Canada at four times the rate than was the case when the Conservatives were the governing party.
While I disagree with bringing that many refugees into Canada in such a short time at least it is a regulated system.
Since Trump announced a total ban on anyone coming from seven Muslim countries we have refugees/migrants coming into Canada illegally into BC, Manitoba and Quebec by the hundreds from the good ole USA.
It appears that if the people claim to be asylum seekers, the RCMP will assist them across the border.
If these people showed up at an official border crossing they would be refused entry into Canada due to the Canada-US “ Safe Third Country Agreement”, unless there are special circumstances.
The agreement is part of the US-Canada “Smart Border Action Plan”.
We have no idea who these people are that are being allowed into Canada illegally. We are assuming that these are people that came into the USA from one of those seven countries.
However they had to have been screened to some extent or they would not have been allowed into the US in the first place.
If they did enter the USA illegally, why in the world would we want them in Canada?
It just seems that the Trudeau Liberals feel compelled to invite every unfortunate individual into this country that knocks on the door.
I don’t see a political upside to this exercise. It will be a long time before they are able to vote for him.
These people are not like immigrants that come into Canada through the normal immigration system. These immigrants have skills that allow them to contribute to our society right away.
Refugees will be a financial drain on the country for a long time as most of them can’t speak either official language and do not have the skills that are needed in Canada.
There is another related development in this country that just makes me shake my head.
On Feb. 20 the Montreal City Council voted unanimously to approve a motion declaring itself a “sanctuary city”.
What does becoming a sanctuary city really mean? There are some sanctuary cities in Canada already, such as Toronto and London in Ontario.
There are other cities in Canada that have stated that they are interested in becoming sanctuary cities such as Ottawa, Saskatoon and Regina.
It looks to be a way for a city to provide basic services and protection for a migrant but passing the cost of this service on to the provincial or federal governments.
Dennis Coderre, the Major of Montreal, wants the Quebec Government, which is responsible for provincial immigration to ensure access to health care, emergency services and lodging, in other words assume the cost of the service.
A Montreal human rights organization wants the practice of the city police handing over undocumented migrants to Canadian Border Services stopped.
This sounds to me like they want to protect migrants that may be terrorists or criminals. I would like to know where this issue is going?
Is the Canadian taxpayer supposed to finance this kind of activity without knowing who these people are?
We have a right to know who these undocumented illegal people crossing our borders are.
We don’t know if these people are Latino’s from Mexico or Central America, the Middle East or where. Just so long as this government thinks it is politically expedient to appear to be compassionate, I don’t think they care who comes into our country.

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