Canada’s cattle organization brainwashed

The other day I read an article in the November issue of Canadian Cattlemen that just had me seeing RED. The title of the article was “Preparing For Climate Change” and was written by Dan Darling.
What got me steamed up about this article was the fact that he had got totally sucked into the concept that the cause of climate change is C02 emissions.
As near as I can figure out from what he wrote, the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association has also bought into the concept of C02 being the cause of global warming.
From my experience most cattlemen are long on common sense and would be very skeptical about all the misinformation we have been feed about this issue.
Now to be fair, he had several suggestions on how to mitigate the effects of climate change. I have said for years if there is some climate change taking place society has to figure out how to mitigate the negative effects.
There are numerous ways that we can mitigate the down side of climate change but we can only do that in an effective way if we recognize what the real cause of climate change is.
Grassroots Alberta have just recently released a 48 page booklet with articles and quotes on the research of over two dozen meteorological and geological scientists that all agree that C02 has very little impact on the weather.
What these people are talking about is actual science, not the junk science we are being fed by environmentalists, the media and the left.
What I find so distressing is that this organization [Cattle Cattlemen] and it’s magazine are actually supporting the idea of a carbon tax.
Mr. Darling seemed to support the idea agriculture could profit from sequestering carbon and getting paid for it.
Getting paid to sequester carbon is just a trap to get you to support the their fraudulent C02 emission theory of climate change.
Mr. Darling had all kinds of ideas on how to mitigate C02 caused climate change like “improve hay and forage insurance across the country by implementing the recommendations made by the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Forage Task Team”.
There was no mention in his article to suggest that the additional carbon in our atmosphere is actually a benefit to cattle producers.
As near as I can figure out from his article, he was of the opinion that we needed to reduce  our carbon footprint to help curtail climate change.
Research scientists have determined that the world has been greening up. The reason being that now there is a higher concentration of carbon in our atmosphere, even deserts have been greening up.
They also discovered that agricultural production has increased by 15 per cent as a result of increased C02.
These scientists say that the ideal concentration of C02 for maximum agricultural production should be three times our current 400 parts per million.
I think that is about the concentration that is administered in green houses. What is needed is more carbon, not less.
What is so wrong about this article is that it seems to assume that the additional carbon is harmful and that we need to develop mitigating strategies to overcome the problems that will be encountered by the changing climate caused by this additional carbon.
These guys can’t get it through their heads that there is very little or no connection between C02 and climate change.
When our institutions like the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association are supporting  the propaganda on climate change that we are being subjected to, it is no wonder that governments feel they have free reign to impose hefty carbon taxes on everyone.

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