Canada has no manufacturing

Dear Editor,

This pandemic has been a real wake up call for Canada.

It’s time to look at being more self-reliant. All our manufacturing has been farmed out to other countries.

We didn’t even have such things as rubber gloves or masks to use when the pandemic hit and now we might not even get the vaccine we have “supposedly” bought from the European countries.

This is something we should definitely be making in our own country.

I looked through my closet and all my clothes had a ‘made in China’ tag on them.

I looked at my shoes, winter boots and even my rubber boots, and they were all made in China.

I then looked at the stuff in my bathroom, such as soap, tape and Bandaids, and imagine that, they were ‘made in China’ too.

Just go to your hardware store and try to buy something that isn’t made in China.

There is something seriously wrong with a country like Canada that lets this happen.

We need to get Canadian people back to work in these fields and we need to do our own manufacturing again.

We could be in very serious trouble if these other countries decide to shut us out of the picture someday, and the rumour is, that the European Union is now thinking of doing just that with the vaccines.

Why aren’t we producing our own vaccines?


Robert Blagen

Youngstown, Alta.

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