Can Bluearth Renewables Inc. rebut these facts?

Dear Editor,

I have been doing a lot of research regarding the effects of windmills on wildlife and humans.

I live at the base of the Handhills in the vicinity of Mother Mountain where BluEarth Renewables is proposing a site for approximately 30 mills consisting of approximately 10,000 acres.

We have at-risk bird and raptor species in this area and BluEarth Renewables only has to report fatality results three years after these mills are in production.

Did they wait three years after the tailing ponds went in at Fort Mac? No! And for good reason.

I confirmed with BluEarth that they will, in fact, hire a person to pick up dead birds, bats and raptors.

I believe Rachel Notley’s government has directed government departments like AEP and AUC to turn a blind eye to these issues due to her relentless pursuit to reduce carbon emissions.

That’s not a bad thing but have the long-term negative effects of these windmills just been swept under the rug?

I have been doing a lot of snooping around the topic and for the most part, it seems to be a good 50/50 split when it comes to the pros and cons!

But Government and the companies putting these windmills in are pushing the positive information to us and downplaying the negative with a positive comeback for every question asked of them.

Also, there are five lakes in the area that are classed as “Important Bird Areas” due to endangered species that nest along their shores: Handhills Lake – Ecological Reserve (dual classification), Sullivan Lake, Chain Lakes, Dowling Lake, and Little Fish Lake.

This is the site that talks about special bird areas:

This video talks about the effects of wind turbines on humans:

This site talks about endangered species and Canada Geese:

An article regarding Wind Turbine syndrome:

And this is a link to a large number of studies done regarding wind farms and its effects on humans, livestock and birds and a decrease of property values just to mention a few:

I can go on all day, maybe a week, showing you all the negative studies on the effects of wind turbines yet windmill companies and the government will deny it and say they are perfectly safe!

So why is there a big gap in who’s right and who’s wrong?

The negativity is out there because there is something to it, in my opinion.

Another interesting video by Global News:

So with all the thousands of windmills in Ontario, they only generate six per cent of overall power for the province.

Not to mention that it takes carbon products to make and dismantle these inefficient beasts after they wear out with a lifespan of approximately 15 – 20 years.

As I said, I could go on and on and I can’t see the scales of balance measuring equally.

There’s just too much that supports the balance leaning towards the negative facts of the biggest mistake our country will make in looking for green energy!

Remember asbestos? Enough said!

Kelly Fitzpatrick

Greer Farm, Hand Hills

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