Campground fees collection misunderstanding

In discussions on the Recreation Policy Draft, it was noted by Mayor Leah Nelson that extra money was collected from overflow camping that shouldn’t have.

The status quo for the Village of Elnora has always been to keep overflow camping free and have any proceeds from the main campsites given to local groups.

Council made a decision at their regular meeting held Tues. Aug. 11 to refund overflow campers but retain whatever was taken for the main campground.

As for the policy, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sharon Wesgate shared the first draft presented is in point form to gauge what parameters council wished to focus on.

The policy is to standardize recreational facilities within the village by making an even playing field for organizations and individuals to book and utilize the space as well as measures to ensure the properties are well kept.

She highlighted that tournaments and games at any local facility must be pre-booked and pre-paid for before usage and that port-a-potties must be supplied when more than 50 people are expected to attend.

Council added that they wish to see signage to say something along the lines of welcome to the community but also to respect the space.

Councillors chose to table this policy for now to see if any more ideas come to light that should be added to the policy before being brought back for more readings.

Spray quote turns to action

Council put out a request for quotes on getting a contractor to assess and spray the museum site for weeds.

Sure Shot Environmental Ltd. came to the office and told administration they could do the job after an assessment of the site and proceeded to do it without consultation on Wed. July 21.

“I was away the day they came and it was stated to Village staff he had the chemicals with him so the museum site was sprayed,” stated Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sharon Wesgate.

Council requests prices first before a job is ever done to ensure they get the best quote but in this case it was agreed upon that the contractor be educated on future quotes and due process before any work is completed.

At the meeting, council passed a motion to make the payment to Sure Shot Environmental in the amount of $239.75 for the job already done.

Council also decided to get more quotes to get other spots sprayed in the future such as underneath the bleachers of the agricultural grounds.

Library window replacement

Council passed a motion to go with Three Hills Glass for $787.50 if they can confirm the glass proposals’ material is comparable to the competition, Don’s Glass & Mirror of Trochu, Alta.

The project is to remove and replace current glass installed on the community poster board at the local library.


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