“Camp Sedgewick” created as school season nears

Central High Sedgewick Public School (CHSPS) is a busy place these days, with dozens of people from the restoration crew, along with various structural, mechanical, technical folks, all doing their best to get our school clean, repaired and ready for us to come back to.

In addition to repairing fire damage, they are replacing every single ceiling tile, washing all hard surfaces, steam cleaning soft surfaces and checking the ducting in order to eliminate smoke and ensure the air quality is acceptable.

Here is what we know right now:

  1. 1. Air quality issues, smoke and water damage to the elementary section of the school, the large gymnasium and the Administration offices are extensive. Restoration experts estimate it could be eight months before all of these areas are in a condition to be used by students and staff. 
  2. Air quality and cleaning issues are also more challenging in the east end of the building than originally anticipated. Restoration crews estimate it will take two months before the high school and junior high classrooms, science labs, library, and commons area are available to students and staff.
  3. By September 11, we expect to have access to the Foods Lab and Shop rooms, including the Shop classroom, and the handicapped washroom.
  4. Later in September, the small gym should also be available for use.

Based on this information, these are the decisions that have been made. 

The timetable pick-up event that was scheduled for August 28 is cancelled. 

CHSPS high school students will start their core classes during the first week of September.

The exact date is yet to be announced.

Classes will be held in the Sedgewick Community Centre until students can return to the school site.

Tentatively, we are planning for CHSPS elementary and junior high students to resume classes on Wednesday, Sept. 11.

In the days between now and Sept. 11, we will create “Camp Sedgewick” on the school grounds, using mobile trailers provided by the insurance company as classrooms, office and washroom spaces.

The first trailers will arrive at the school in the next few days.

We hope that CHSPS/BRSD staff will have access to the “Camp” on Sept. 9, to get desks, technology and learning resources ready for students on Sept. 11.

When classes resume, hopefully on Sept.11, high school students will move over from the Community Centre and most classes will be accommodated in “Camp Sedgewick”.

Students will also be able to use the Home Ec and Shop rooms inside the school and, a bit later, the small gym.

By the November break (or sooner if possible) elementary students will move inside the school into classrooms on the east end of the building.

They will remain in these classrooms until the elementary wing is open again.

Most junior and senior high classes will remain in “Camp Sedgewick” until the west side of the school is open and elementary students can return to their usual space.

Sports team practices and games will be accommodated in the gym at Killam Public School as long as necessary.

A “Welcome to Camp Sedgewick” event will be held very shortly after school resumes, so that parents can join their children at school, to tour the temporary facilities.

We feel this temporary solution is the one that will best ensure students and staff are able to stay connected to each other and their school.

We know this situation is not ideal.

We know there will be challenges.

We remain grateful that all the damages can be fixed and we have a school we will be able to return to.

Together we will come through this, stronger and more united than ever.

We will continue to keep you updated as often as there is new information to share.


by Principal William Klassen, Assistant Principal Keely Nelson

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