California first

Dear Editor,

After watching the news last night and seeing hundreds of homes burned and millions of peoples’ lives uprooted by no power and even worse, threatened to be burned to death, I came to the conclusion that the real climate change action should start in California.

Have that State stop all oil and natural gas production which is 2,000,000 barrels of crude oil per year and have them then phase out all fossil fuel emissions.

They have a very large wealth base there and so money cannot be a problem.

They also have the cutting edge technology for renewable energy, so my advice to all climate change personnel, please go to California and help make that State fossil fuel free.

This will save millions for all the celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jane Fonda and the rest of Californians by slowing global warming in California first.

The benefits will be immeasurable, not only with no more wildfires but also California’s massive coastline, as the oceans are going to rise and wipe out hundreds of billions in property value and displace millions of people.

It is obvious to me and by now it must be also to the readers of this letter that California has far more to lose by not stopping fossil fuel production and emissions than Canada could ever imagine.

I think concerned citizens such as myself (as we live part-time in California), should form a very strong California First Organization and use funds and influences to direct oil and gas opponents directly to the California Legislature to achieve the very major goals in their climate change endeavours.

The Rockefeller Foundation and all the other so-called charities aimed at land locking western Canada’s oil would be far more beneficial if used in California than where they are focused at presently.

UN headquarters are much closer aligned to a US State than a whole country like Canada, who has the greatest distances and coldest temperatures for its population to endure, so I believe the UN should direct their efforts to California as well.


Walter Suntjens

Farmer and rancher

Hanna, Alta.

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