‘Cake walk’ for Trudeau

Dear Editor,

If Canada is not broken it is surely fragmented!

With Trudeau pushing for an imminent federal election during a pandemic and threatening a fourth wave viral explosion, this certainly makes a farce over social gatherings or campaign rallies.

Canada has sat for the past year and a half without a sitting Parliament, shutting down opposition committees and an open voice in Parliament.

This pandemic had been a “cake walk” for him all the time printing money and randomly tossing out billions of dollars. This, of course, is increasing daily as he approaches a possible election.

At present, B.C. is burning up in fires, agriculture is in huge trouble because of drought and industry and resources are at a total standstill.

Added to that is the fact that every Canadian is still staggering to come to terms with the effect of COVID-19 and it’s devastating damage inflicted on every generation, and business is struggling.

Schools remain a huge concern  for students regarding openings and some normalcy to their young lives.

But,why not call an election?? 

An election can’t disguise the fact that we have an ever growing deficit in this country at a trillion+, give or take. This debt can’t be disguised although no credibility of the spending? 

Does anyone wonder what the cost of the pandemic has caused not only in lives but actual cost?

Does anyone wonder what an actual dose of vaccine cost? 

Now that Trudeau has his “election face on” I would hope that every voter across this country puts their x beside a party who’s platform is squarely on the economy, jobs and resources and working with all premiers and provinces to gain some semblance of fairness and once again present a Canada, not fragmented, but working in a democratic manner for all its people.


Gayle Smigg

Hanna, Alta.

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