C02 is not pollution!

I suspect you, the public, may be getting sick and tired of me writing another column on the carbon climate change issue, however I think this is still very much a concern to most of us that are dreading what the economy of this province will look like in one or two years from now.
It seems that Rachel Notley, the premier of this province, is hell bound to fast track the destruction of our economy by spending money she doesn’t have like water and imposing taxes that will kill thousands of jobs just like Dalton McGinty and Kathleen Wynne have done in Ontario.
Right now she has a $8.9 million dollar government advertisements telling us that her climate leadership  plan is working to create more jobs for Albertan’s.
The only jobs that I can see being created are more jobs for government bureaucrats that are paid for with our money.
I just don’t understand how the media can let politicians like Wynne and Notley lie to us all the time with a straight face.
Both of them continually refer to carbon as pollution.
As I have written  in previous columns the world would die without carbon, in fact, real scientists have determined that for the past few million years the earth was on the verge of doing just that.
If the carbon concentration was less than 150 parts per million [ppm] nothing could grow.
Before the industrial revolution  when we started burning coal and releasing C02 into the atmosphere we were down to about 300 ppm of C02.
In fact, the ideal concentration for plant growth is 12 to 15 hundred ppm.
Will Happer, an atomic physicist testifying before the US Congress said: “We try to keep C02 levels in our U.S. Navy submarines no higher than 8,000 ppm, about 20 times current atmospheric levels.
“Few adverse effects are observed at even higher levels.”
So how in the world can those politicians tell us with a straight face that C02 at current levels is pollution?
They can do it because the media refuse to challenge them!
The Premier has recognized that the carbon tax would be very harmful to the greenhouse industry in Alberta, so she will rebate 80 per cent 0f the tax back to the growers as is the case in BC.
Without the rebate Alberta would be at a competitive disadvantage from BC.
If she does this for other industries she will be picking winners and losers. This has the potential to destroy the Alberta manufacturing industry.
I recently learned something else about the administration of the carbon  tax that shows how destructive  the application of this tax  may be.
There are small industry and confined animal production facilities in Alberta that use coal for heat and energy because it is cheaper than natural gas.
The price of coal at the mine for this purpose is $42 per tonne. For coal purchased after January 1st the government is adding nearly an additional $35 per tonne .
This increase in the price of coal due to the tax will almost double the cost of energy for those industries. If the cost can not be passed on to the consumer many of these facilities will cease to exist.
For some reason the percentage of tax on coal and N.G. is much higher than on gasoline or diesel.
I tried to find out if they are charging that same rate of tax on coal being consumed at power plants but was unable to.
If it is, that will significantly bump up the price of electric power.
It would seem that she is determined to destroy the coal industry as well as the economy in Alberta as soon as possible. That should be motivation to destroy the NDP in the next election.

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