Bylaws dominate council conversation

Bashaw Council read first reading of both the Land Use Bylaw and Municipal Development Plan for the Town of Bashaw to identify anything that may need adjustments.

On Sept. 6, at the regular council meeting, a number of motions were made to correct and ‘tweak’ these documents to best fit the town’s current needs and prospects.

Solar collectors or solar panels have been regulated so they must be located on the roof or wall of a building or other structure. The council had this in mind to prevent a total solar farm in someone’s backyard as they are becoming more common.

Administration recommended first reading where they would clean the document up for second and third reading later on.

Council passed first reading of the land use bylaw and Municipal Development Plan. A public hearing has not been booked yet but will be released once it is.

Encroachment Agreement reversed

Bashaw’s council reverted back on a previous motion to allow Peggy and Jerry Gauthier to continue using land that is technically owned by the town.

They have a certain amount of time to remove any of their belongings from that area or they will be required to apply for a rezoning application to begin the bylaw process as a rezoning of the area must be completed.

Once the rezoning is completed, they can purchase the land or have an encroachment agreement created.

“The discussion kind of transpired and they chose to put it back to vote and it was defeated,” explained Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Theresa Fuller.

Tennis & Pickle Ball Court

At the last council meeting, administration presented a quote for surface treatments and fencing. Council requested a revised quote; removing internal fencing and making both sides usable for tennis and pickleball by using different coloured paint for signs.

There will be two tennis courts on each side, one being wider than the other and six pickleball courts.

Tennis netting will be screwed into the ground but will be removable. The original quote was at the $53,000 mark but has now been reduced to $33,324 as this quote includes surface treatment, and paint lines including the two tennis nets.

Council requested a revised quote.

A grant provided by Alberta Blue Cross will not be announced until the end of the year.

CAO Fuller mentioned that the Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) Grant could be a failsafe as it can be put into the 2019 budget.

“We have gone this far, might as well have it ready to use next year,” said Coun. Lynn Schultz.

A motion to approve the expenditure was carried.

Driver feedback sign

The Village of Clive has agreed to purchase a driver feedback sign next year and have approached Bashaw to inquire about cost sharing. Alix has also agreed to buy in. The sign has many features like recording speeds and statistics.

Council threw out ideas of where the sign could be moved to including Highway 56 that runs through town, the street by the community hall, and the school zone.

Administration was asked to contact Sgt. Bruce Holliday to see what he believes to be a proper spot and to check with Clive and Alix to see what timelines they would like to follow.

The sign will be rotated throughout the year between the three communities, each getting a share of four months to cover high points.

The purchase price is anticipated to cost $4,260.62 in total.

Press recording meetings

At the August 16 meeting, a journalist from the Bashaw Star requested to record meetings for accuracy purposes when reporting.

CAO Fuller went through legislation and found no real regulations of the press when in council sessions; only regulations involving council members.

A survey conducted on the Town’s website recalled 20 participants were interested in accessing meeting audio online while only six said no. The survey was to gauge who was interested if the town were to provide audio rather than simply the media.

A motion to allow the press to tape council meetings for press availability and accuracy only was carried.


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