Bylaw to be drafted allowing chickens in Alix

Alix residents can have urban chickens after a trial project with urban hens ended successfully.
Alix council, during its regular meeting Nov. 1, directed administration to draft a bylaw allowing urban chickens. The draft is expected to be presented to council in the New Year, said Alix Chief Administrative Officer Michelle White.
In 2015 the then village council approved two separate citizen requests to have urban chickens on their properties on a trial basis until May 1, 2016. Since then one chicken coop has been removed and one remains.
The residents could have coops with conditions, including a detailed plan that showed the location and size of the building had to be approved by the development officer first.
In addition, a written authorization from the registered property owner was needed if the citizen wanting urban chickens was a renter.
No roosters were allowed and no more than four chickens could be on the property at a time. The chickens had to be kept in the coop at all times and must be provided with essential care to stay in good health.
The chickens could only be for personal use and the resident couldn’t sell eggs, manure, meat or other chicken related products. Nor could they slaughter chicken on the property.
The resident also had to keep the coop in good repair and sanitary condition, free from offensive smells and vermin. They also had to provide a written plan for disposal of the chickens.

Lisa Joy
ECA Review

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