Business Plan for amalgamating fire departments reviewed

Coun. Roger Gaetzman reported on the meeting he attended regarding fire departments in Flagstaff County amalgamating, similar to the Flagstaff Waste Management.
The business plan includes Hardisty’s expense going up the first year to $33,784 but will stabalize the town by always having good reliable equipment with everyone sharing the costs.
The Hardisty’s cost will decrease over the ensuing years levelling off by 2023.
“We are paying that amount anyway, because we’d be putting away $33,000 for a new pumper truck,” said CAO Otto.
Hardisty’s fire hall will stay put and still be owned by the town.
The town will be requisitioned for the fire services. Council discussed whether the requistion should be a line item on the taxes or a monthly fee on utilities.
Coun. Gaetzman will take the discussions by council of the Business Plan back to the next Emergency Services meeting.

Clean audit
Hardisty’s auditor, Brian King provided council with their clean audited financial statements for 2017 showing an accumulated surplus of 9,429,180.
He noted that although the medical clinic was sold at a loss, it did result in less wages for the year. King also noted, that cutting out the payments to the town using credit cards saved the town approximately $20,000.

Ag Society
Members of the Hardisty Ag Society attended the meeting for confirmation on a letter they had received from the town as it was unclear regarding an outhouse at the lake not on lake property.
It was agreed that it needs to be moved onto lake property.
The arena project was also discussed. Council will consider looking at budgeting for the Project Management Fee.
The biggest part of the project is the bathrooms, dressing rooms and the plumbing, stated Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sandy Otto.

Other business
Council approved accepting the tender of $27,730 from GCS Energy Services for destruction of an older home and a couple of sheds and returning the lot 18-02-024 to a resaleable condition.
Council had requested two tenders, but had only received one.
Coun. Connie Beringer, in her verbal report, asked council to consider what should be done with the $11,000 set aside for a town parade float.
“We need to move on it, make a decision at the next meeting or kibosh it.”
CAO Otto gave the update for the Water and Wastewater initiatives that need to be completed starting with the water treatment plant. Under the Water for Life program, Hardisty is required to provide a secondary disinfection because it is well water.

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