Business incubator proposal

Written by Sarah Baker

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Quinton Flint presented information from the June 29 Battle River Economic Opportunities Committee board meeting about how to spend Canada Coal Transition Initiative Funding (CCT-IF) at the July 11 regular meeting of council.

After being approved for $775,000 in funding, CAO Flint met with representatives from Castor to discuss ideas that can better serve both communities.

The first two ideas involved creating industrial development sites or the Willow Tree Research Facility and Sites. Problems from these ideas stemmed from how the CCT-IF cannot be spent to buy land, time constraints involving the development process and logistic issues.

The final idea, which garnered high interest, involved the development of a business incubator in Coronation.

A business incubator would offer a dedicated office space or retail storefront to help jumpstart local businesses in Coronation.

With the funding provided, Coronation would have the opportunity to renovate a building to create dedicated office or retail space for businesses. In addition, the town could also purchase equipment for these spaces and lease them to the business owners.

According to guidelines with the CCT-IF they are unable to sell the newly renovated property and must lease it for a set amount of years which is dependent on the term agreement.

Although this stipulation is in place, council discussed the possibility of a rent-to-purchase agreement for business owners.

More discussion and information is needed in regards to what types of business spaces are required for Coronation. CAO Flint believes that Coronation would benefit from more storefront business spaces.

Additionally, CAO Flint has already reached out to the Battle River Alliance for Economic Development and other consultants for information.
Council accepted all the concepts provided as information.

Bylaw report
The officer bylaw report was presented to council.

A total of three violations in regards to trailers were reported. Compared to last year, CAO Flint noted that it is significantly less than compared to last year. He speculates that it could be due to the increase of gas prices which caused people to travel less.

Correspondence for pets has also been down when compared to last year with only five calls made for dogs and none for cats.

12 reports of lawn cutting have been reported, but CAO Flint assured council that only four have not been dealt with. CAO flint mentioned that property owners, town workers and summer students have all been working together to have these problems resolved in a timely and organized manner.

Coun. Mark Stannard brought forward a vehicle located on Victoria Ave. that is sitting on logs and jack stands. CAO Flint mentioned that the owner was approached and expected him to resolve the problem in the week.

Public auction
Information regarding the terms and conditions for the 2022 public auction were discussed by council.

As per the Municipal Government Act (MGA), council is required to establish a reserve selling price that is reasonably close to the market value of each parcel being offered to sale alongside any terms and conditions for each sale.

Additionally, advertisements for the auction must be posted in at least one issue of the Alberta Gazette in no less than 40 days and no more than 90.
The auction will take place on Sept. 27, 2022. An auctioneer has been hired for the event and will be paid $500.

In the event that the Town of Coronation is interested in any of the listed properties, council appointed CAO Flint to bid on behalf of Coronation.

Although the CAO Flint will be able to bid on properties for Coronation, he must have full resolution with the council on properties beforehand and the maximum bid value cannot exceed more than two per cent of the reserved selling price set by council.

Council moved to approve the terms and conditions, the reserve bids for properties being offered for sale being established as presented and appointed CAO Flint to acquire properties if required by council for the 2022 auction.

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