Burn pit no longer an option

Residents were under the impression that the burn pit for household trash would return for Elnora but with restrictions set by Alberta Environment, it is no longer possible.

Council heard at their regular meeting Tues. June 8 from Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sharon Wesgate that the government no longer gives out permits for burn pits.

The closest one is Trochu that was most likely grandfathered in to remain open and only allows tree branches.

Although this is the case, Alberta Environment requires municipalities to have paid supervision at the site constantly when in use and must be fenced off as well.

“It’s not just a question of digging another hole and letting people have free access – we would actually have to get authorization from Alberta Environment to do it which could be a very extensive thing considering the existing burn pit we have.”

“These have all been things we’ve discussed in the past, so my question is – is that our answer then moving forward for the residents that this is just not on the table anymore any longer,” asked Coun. Kerrilyn Mose.

“I can’t see it happening because there are so many rules and regulations we would have to abide by. It’s working well the way it is right now,” replied CAO Wesgate.

Coun. Rob Aellen suggested that residents take their branches to Trochu if they need to which the rest of council agreed with.

Bank closure

Council received notice that the Elnora Alberta Treasury Branch will be closing effective June 25.

Custodian response, recognition 

Anna Mose checked the Library/Youth Centre on a Saturday in May and noticed a hissing sound within the building.

She investigated until she located the source; the compressor in the Youth Centre fridge was shorting out which Mose immediately unplugged.

The Library chairperson suggested Mose be recognized for her actions.

Council and administration were as well and discussed options to thank her as it ‘likely would have caused a fire if not addressed.’

After some talks, noting she effectively ‘saved the building’, they settled on a $50 gift certificate to a local eatery and a thank-you card.

Garbage bylaw 

A listing was prepared by Public Works of the commercial garbage pickups within Elnora every week.

This listing has been forwarded to Environment 360 to determine the commercial pickup requirements before a quote will be completed.

Additional information like the locations of these businesses and the type of storage they require was also needed by the disposal company.

Council agreed to table this matter to next month to hear back on the quote for garbage pickup around the village.


Terri Huxley

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