Bullying campaign most disgusting

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Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my disappointment with the bullying that is ongoing in Hanna.  

I have watched it become more frequent and blatant since moving here in 1989.  

I have watched too many hard-working, good people who moved to Hanna because they thought they could live there in peace end up moving away.  

The recurring theme is that people who were not born in Hanna are not welcome here.  It is always the locals versus the “outsiders” no matter how long they have lived here nor how much they have contributed to the community.  

At the same time, the locals tirelessly promote themselves as a “great community”.  It is not great.  

It is time to wake up.  Almost all the businesses and professionals in Hanna are outsiders, not locals.

Most of the charities are run by and staffed by “outsiders” not locals.  The children and grandchildren of the locals are leaving in droves.  There is no future for a town that won’t accept newcomers.

I am tired of adults acting like children and telling people who want to see changes to leave if they don’t like it.  

Happening to be born here doesn’t make you special.  Nor does it make you entitled to decide who can and cannot live here.  

Given the long-standing unusually high suicide rate and the amount of drug busts and overdoses by locals, it is time to wake up to the fact that you are hardly a role model.

The most recent victim of a coordinated bullying campaign is the most disgusting example of what has become “normal” in Hanna.  

Verbally abusing a grieving man and his dead wife is a new low even for Hanna.  

What is the matter with you?  Are you completely morally bankrupt?


Terry Johnston

Hanna, Alta.

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