Bulls 10, cowboys zero at Halkirk Bullarama

Left, Quinton Bock, riding Rye & Coke, was on of the many cowboys who lost to the bulls at the Annual Halkirk Elks Bullarama on Aug. 22. None of the bullriders lasted the eight seconds. Right, Tyler Wilson riding saddle bronc, Grape Girl Sat. Aug. 22.

Ten bullriders and 10 saddle bronc riders took part in the 20th annual Halkirk Bullarama on Sat. Aug. 22. The saddle bronc riders had a competitive day which ended up with Casey Bertram taking home the top prize, a saddle, with a total of 147 points on his two rides.
The bull riding wasn’t so successful as no one was able to stay on for the full eight-seconds on stock provided by Rafter Anchor and Outlaw Buckers.
A highlight of the event was Niki Flundra with her Liberty Horse Act, which she has also performed in Las Vegas.  The event also included The Ladies of the Heartland riding for Kira Richardson; a seven year old girl currently undergoing treatments for osteosarcoma.
Nadine Maxwell of Botha took home the monies from the 50/50 draw.

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