Bullet from gun used to shoot Klaus’s dog matched to gun pulled out of Battle River

A ballistics expert confirmed that the gun RCMP pulled out of the Battle River July 26, 2014, was used to kill the Klaus family dog.
Christopher Kerr, a civilian forensics expert, testified in Red Deer Court of Queen’s Bench Nov. 14, that the bullet that killed the dog was fired from the 9-mm handgun that Josh Frank and Jason Klaus led police to on July 19, 2014.
They led undercover officers to it in an RCMP sting that was dubbed Project Kontingent and ran from April 1, 2014 to July 19, 2014.
Other witnesses taking the stand last week included Jason Klaus’s aunts Wendy Barry and Marilyn Thomson, neighbour Les Holloway and forensic fire investigator Keith Janes.
Wendy Barry testified that Jason Klaus told her he was getting text messages from his dead sister Monica and that she revealed the identify of the killer and details of the crime.
Barry said she urged Klaus to go to police but he refused and said “Monica deletes them,” referring to the texts.
Forensic fire investigator Keith Janes, a retired Red Deer RCMP Staff Sgt., testified that when he was in the burned out basement of the Klaus farmhouse, Jason Klaus told him he’s visited by his sister’s spirit and she revealed to him the identify of the killer.
Janes urged Klaus to tell RCMP but he said he didn’t want to be put in “a straight jacket.”
Marilyn Thomson testified that Klaus told her about Monica’s spirit visiting and giving him details of the crime. Months after the crime Jason Klaus gave her two cell phones for safe keeping and claimed they contained a secret recording of Joshua Frank confessing to the murders. She told her nephew he should give them to police but he refused. Thomson said fearing for her family’s safety she threw the cell phones out at work. She later told police about them.
Brady Flett, Monica’s former boss and co-owner of Vortex in Stettler, took the stand testifying that Klaus said Monica’s spirit visits him and she identified the killer and gave details of the crime. Flett tried convincing Klaus to tell police but Klaus refused.
The same day, Flett wrote down the details of the conversation and called RCMP. A Calgary Major Crimes officer met Flett at the Stettler RCMP detachment that evening and Flett was soon recruited as an RCMP operative.

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