Building blocks of God’s kingdom

Throughout history, human beings have created some magnificent structures; kingly castles and Christian churches for example.
Our churches are beautiful buildings to shelter us from the weather and, perhaps more importantly, as an expression of praise and thanksgiving for God’s goodness.
In them, we place all kinds of symbols –the cross, the baptismal font, the Bible.  And all the symbols are there to remind us of the love of God.  But even that ultimate and eternal love does not reside only in those buildings nor does it get enacted on its own.
It comes through people.  It surely came through Jesus, but it also comes through you and me. We are charged with the responsibility of building up God’s kingdom on earth.
And how do we do that?  The same way our church buildings were built: one building block at a time.  But the building blocks this time are kindness and compassion.
Each time we show respect and love for each other, we are providing a little sand or mortar for the building blocks of God’s kingdom.  Kindness, compassion and respect.  These are the building blocks for the ultimate castle of God’s love.  May we build it strong!
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