Budget approved

Morrin council approved the 2019 Budget at their regular council meeting on Wed. June 19. with total operating expenditures of $501,800.

Revenues, other than taxation, including transfers from unrestricted surplus is budgeted at $282,000 leaving $219,800 to be raised by municipal taxes.

Taxes increased to $15.44 for residential/farmland, up from 14.66 in 2018; $16.64 for non-residential up from $15.86 and linear 16, up from 15.

Additional expenses budgeted over last year includes increases of $21,355 for water supply and distribution system; $18,500 increase for sewer system; $10,251 increase in garbage collection and disposal; and administration, a $40,000 increase for an assistant CAO.

The current CAO has expressed a desire to retire.

An operating contingency last year was set at $15,000 with no contingency in this year’s budget.

Operating revenue estimate totals $542,800, up from $483,937 do to the $40,000 from Unrestricted Surplus into operating for the assistant CAO.

The estimated funded capital from the government that includes the Federal Gas Tax funding, MSI Capital and Operating shows MSI Capital grant up $27,622 over last year and the MSI Operating grant up $6648.

Monies transferred from the General Capital Reserve shows $142,000 for a total of $417,000, up from $240,731.

No monies were transferred out of the General Capital Reserve in 2018.

Estimated capital fund expenditures approved in the budget included $142,000 for the CAO Package, $75,000 for paving repairs, $50,000 Federal Gas, $40,000 for standby electric engine, $50,000 for the generator, and $40,000 for the green space for a total of $399,000.


Council motioned that the by-election to fill the seat left by Coun. Bob Graham will be held on Fri. Aug. 16, 2019.

Green space

A suggestion to form a committee for the green space was made by resident Wanda Hampton at the Special Morrin meeting on Tues. June 11 and accepted by council, as that was the intent from the beginning, noted Mayor Howard Helton.

Ideas were discussed, however, still, no quotes were provided for landscaping the lots.

Council instructed Chief Administrative Officer Annette Plachner to have public works arrange for the removal of the recycling bins and the gravel pad to the new location, and proceed with new soil, grass seed and fencing quotes for the next council meeting.

Council had pencilled in $40,000 for a green space initiative at the June 11 meeting.

“The idea is to get something started and from the outset, the understanding always has been to get participation from clubs, interested persons, and private persons,” explained Helton.

“We are just trying to get some funding going so, like I say, to get some groundwork done.”

“Apparently the landscaper was contacted,” said Helton, “but I guess we didn’t keep following up and making sure they were going to come.”


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