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Paintearth council agreed to hire WSP Engineering Ltd. to move forward with engineering the Brownfield Water System project at an estimated cost of $10,000 at their regular meeting on Tue. Aug. 18.

It was decided at the last council meeting that the Hamlet of Brownfield water distribution system needed to be replaced.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Michael Simpson estimated this project to be around 1000m of 50 mm pipe and would be directionally drilled with an estimated number of tie-ins to be 10.

Emergency Management Bylaw

Council gave all three readings to the Emergency Management Bylaw that oversees council’s responsibilities during emergencies, establishes an emergency management advisory committee which helps come up with plans and systems for the county to act on and the emergency management agency that upholds this particular bylaw.

Culvert installation

A culvert on Range Road 135 south of Township Road 402 has rusted out and side slopes are starting to sluff away through a large draw.

This is an access road which can only be accessed by one quarter of land and is only accessible through the landowner’s yard.

The trail does not follow the county’s right of way nor is the culvert on it, but from the information from the landowner the county did install it and provided the access years ago.

To install a new culvert, it was broken down to 3,000 for the culvert itself, $7,640 for equipment, $6,948 in labour and $750 in gravel for a total cost of $18,338.

Council defeated a motion by Coun. Dale  Norton for the replacement of the culvert on RR 135 and TWP 402 as the culvert is not located on County property, as well as a culvert on RR111 south of Highway 599 on SE35-37-11-W4 for the same reason.

Subdivision Plan closure

The landowner of LSD 8 in the SE7-38-14-W4 owns the LSD as well as all the lots in the old hamlet subdivision known as Veldt.

They were working with the county’s local surveyor to consolidate all the lots and the property in the LSD into one title, however, they have since found that cancelling the entire plan is possible and considerably less expensive to do so.

The county needs to enact a bylaw cancelling the subdivision plan of 604AJ in its entirety and revert the lands back to the owners of LSD 8.

There are minimal financial implications to the county as the landowner will realize some minor savings by not having many small tax notices sent for the various small titles they own.

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) allows the county to cancel the subdivision plans by bylaw as well as the county tax bylaw which requires $50 minimum tax per parcel.

Council chose to table this topic to a later time once all the requirements to proceed have been met.

Bridge repairs

Bridge BF 13274 (SSE 29-38-14 W4) was damaged last fall by a motor vehicle collision.

The county has been in contact with the owner’s insurance company.

The south curb girder, bridge rail, and one wing wall pile must be replaced.

For the curb girder replacement, it will cost $7,400 while installing the wing wall pile will be $10,000. Traffic accommodations come in at 5,000 for a total of $22,400.

Coun. George Glazier moved the county accept the quote for $22,400 from Formula Alberta Ltd. for the bridge repairs.

Closed session

Council moved into closed session to discuss items under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act, R.S.A. 2000, Chapter F-25: Part 1, Div. 2, Sec 16(2), 27(1) at approximately 11:30 a.m.

After reconvening to a public session at 2:15 p.m., a motion was made by Coun. Wiart that council waive the finance charges for late payment on account WED020 in the amount of $174.58 which was carried.


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