Brownfield students participate in cross country series


The Cross Country runners from the Brownfield Community School included, from the left, back row: Sam Richardson, Caleb Webber, Julie Richardson, Sydney Richardson, Desteny Grob, William Ross-Torres and Cora Thomson. Front row: Ella Younger, Trinity Thomas, Raynah Richardson and Gwen Richardson.
Brownfield students ran a series of cross country runs beginning in Hardisty with a 1.5 km run with the following results:
Primary runners (Gr. 1-3): 1st – Gwen Richardson, 3rd – Ella Younger, 8th – Trinity Thomas and 10th – Raynah Richardson.  Grade 4 boys: 1st – Sam Richardson;  Grade 5 boys: 6th – Caleb Webber;  Grade 6 boys:  12th William Ross-Torres.
Grade 5 girls: 2nd – Julie Richardson, and 23rd – Sydney Richardson; Grade 6 girls: 2nd – Cora Thomson, 8th – Desteny Grob.
The next race in the series was held at Camrose on Sept. 22 with the following medal winners:  3rd – Gwen Richardson, 1st – Sam Richardson, 2nd – Julie Richardson and 3rd – Cora Thomson.
The final race in the series was hosted by New Norway and held at Dried Meat Lake with the following results:
Primary: 1st – Gwen Richardson, 5th – Raynah Richardson, Trinity Thomas and Ella Younger.
Grade 4 boys: 1st – Sam Richardson;  Grade 5 girls:  5th – Julie Richardson; Grade 6 girls: 10th – Cora Thomson.
The series concluded with the aggregate winners as follows:
Primary: 1st overall – Gwen Richardson; 3rd overall – Ella Younger and 5th overall, Raynah Richardson.
Grade four boys:  1st overall – Sam Richardson.
Grade 5 girls: Julie Richardson finished 1st overall and Grade 6 girls: Cora Thomson finished 1st overall.
Some of the students will compete in the C.A.R.A. Cross Country that will be held in Castor on Thurs. Oct. 6.

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