Brownfield School hosts Agriculture Day

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Elsie Webber (left) is instructed by Charlotte Stairs in the art of spinning wool, one of many activities at the Agriculture Day on Thurs. March 24 hosted by Brownfield Community School. ECA Review/Submitted

Brownfield Community School hosted Agriculture Day on Thurs. March 24, 2022. Approximately 100 students attended including students from Coronation School and Gus Wetter School. 

About 20 community and parent volunteers made the day possible by working with the school to organize the event, giving hands-on presentations to the students and preparing and serving lunch. 

Presentations were focused on a variety of aspects of agriculture including: bee-keeping, carding and spinning wool, ducks and geese, farm safety, why biodiversity is important, cuts of beef, taking care of water, roping, making bird houses and caring for soil.

“It’s really important for us to help kids know and see things from real life and on the farm in the curriculum,” said Jason Faber, principal of the Brownfield school.

“It’s really important for kids to see themselves in their education. This was great for our kids.

“Rural schools really work well when we all chip in, and days like this don’t happen without all the help of community volunteers, organizations, small businesses and individuals all jumping in and helping out. 

“It’s a wonderful feeling to see it all come together. Thank you to everyone who helped make the day so great.”

The event budget was $1,350 of which $1,150 came from community members and sponsors.



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