Brownfield CRR Multi Club has first meeting

Krystalee Huber
ECA Review Submitted

Our first 4H Multi Club meeting was on October 2, 2012. In our multi club we have 18 members and two cleaver kids. The general leader of the club is Myrna Huber. There are  five kids in the sheep and goat project and the leader is Renee Kroeker.   There are 12 kids in the small engines project. The leaders are Marlin Huber and Calvin Wadstein. The horse project is being coordinated by Kristy Wadstein, and taught by Clayton Creasy and Megan Wakefield.
We also have two members doing Creative Options, one of them is photography and the other is a cattle herd project.

Sandra Burkinshaw and Tammy Smith are the leaders of the creative options.
This year’s club positions are Jalycia Huber- president, Colton Black -vice president, Amber Burkinshaw –secretary, Tanner Black – treasurer, Krystalee Huber – club reporter, Jeremy Burkinshaw, Simon Cole and Dallen Kroeker – historians, Jaydon Huber – parliamentarian and Colton Black and Amber Burkinshaw – district council reps. The last meeting we had was on November 8, 2012. We are looking forward to December 4 for our Christmas Party.

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