Brownfield Community Theatre performs Barefoot in the Park

Barefoot in the Park, a comedy written by Neil Simon was performed by the Brownfield and Area Community Theatre with shows on Fri. Dec. 6 and Sat. Dec. 7 at the Brownfield Recreation Centre.

Mother, played by Diane Elliott in her first acting debut and Victor Velasco, played by Wes Fletcher who acted in a Brownfield play 13 years ago, were two in a cast of six.

Jenna Hanger played Corie Bratter, a newlywed with husband Paul, was played by Brennen Grice.

Cheryl Leslie played the telephone technician, Harriet Pepper and Kurt Cole the delivery man.

The play was directed by Lynn Cole who has been directing for many years and recently has enjoyed teaching drama at the Coronation High School.

ECA Review/K. Cole

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