Brownfield and White Sands to get water line

The Government of Alberta announced they will provide 90-10 grant funding to extend rural waterlines to Brownfield and to White Sands on Buffalo Lake Shirley McClellan Regional Water Services Commission (SMRWSC) which is administered by the County of Stettler.
More than $131 million from the Water for Life and the Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership grant programs will support 29 water infrastructure projects across the province.
Approved for funding are a waterline to bring water to the Summer Village of White Sands for a Reservoir/Truck Fill Station, and a regional waterline to bring water to the Hamlet of Brownfield for a Reservoir/Truck Fill Station.
The Water for Life grant provides 90-10 funding, with the province paying 90 per cent of the project cost and SMRWSC covering 10 per cent of the project cost.
Approved provincial funding for the two projects equals $3,642,390.
“We are extremely thankful to be receiving this funding enabling us to now provide clean, safe drinking water to the Hamlet of Brownfield and to the Summer Village of White Sands,” said Pat Gorcak, Chairperson for SMRWSC.
The SMRWSC consists of 14 municipalities  including the counties of Stettler and Paintearth, Special Areas Board, the towns of Castor, Coronation, the villages of Bawlf, Big Valley, Consort, Donalda, Halkirk, Rosalind, Veteran and the summer villages of Rochon Sands and White Sands.
Through the Government of Alberta’s Water for Life Strategy, the SMRWSC was first able to complete Phase 1 , a 142 km pipeline taking potable water to the communities of Halkirk, Castor, Veteran, Coronation and Consort as well as the Counties of Paintearth, Stettler and Special Areas 2, 3 and 4.
Phase 2 took water from Stettler to Big Valley, and Phase 3 was a waterline from Stettler to Donalda – both were completed in 2014.

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